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Who we are

Luca was born and raised in Turin’s area, at the feet of the Alps, where his family prides a longeval wine production tradition.

His first destination was Bodrum, in Turkey, where working in an international hospitality group, he discovered a large variety of Euro-Asian foods, New South Mediterranean tastes and flavors.

Later on, he came back to Italy, where he worked for 4 consecutive winters in a family run  “Osteria” on the Alps ski Resort, Soulze DÓulx.


During the upcoming summers, he used to move and work in the southern part of Italy, where he learnt the meaning of authenticity and variety of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. The authenticity, simplicity, passion, quality and love for produce are concepts closely related to his philosophy of F&B and type of cuisine that he wanted to export around the world.

The turning point of his life arrived in December 2004, when he landed in Bangkok to join the company for open Enoteca Italiana a new restaurant and winery in town . In 2008, as founding partner, he proudly launched “La Bottega di Luca”, a restaurant that fully embraces his view of F&B and the idea of artisanal food, which combines the passion of the producer and the chef.  Following this step, he developed many other projects in Bangkok area opening Bottega Group.


His motto? “Do it with passion, do it better”.

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