Pizza Massilia ruam rudee
094 552 2025
dine in
11.30 am 2/.30 pm
5.00 pm 10.00 pm
Pizza Massilia sukhumvit
095 580 6560
dine in
Mon-fRI 5.00 pm 10.00 pm
sAT-SUN 11.30 am 10.00 pm 
Pizza Massilia truck 
095 -953 -5692
dine in
Mon-Sun 5.00 pm 11.00 pm

Gourmet Pizzeria in marseille

Pizza Massilia is the first Gourmet Pizzeria in Thailand, and officially the "best pizza in Bangkok!" It is not just a pizzeria, it`s an Art of Living.

At the end of the 19th century, millions of Italians pushed by a great Hunger expatriated themselves all over the world, and particularly the Napolitans from Napoli immigrated to Marseille, France and New York, USA. They brought with them their famous Napoli pizza which was at first Bianca (White Pizza) and transformed into Rossa (Red Pizza) with the addition of the local Provencal tomatoes, Pandelotte.


Tasty and easily digestible pizza, thanks to a dough that has been leavened and matured for over 72 hours.

Proudly supporter of 'Presidio Slow Food' foundation, our responsibility is to be committed and responsible to the producers and raw materials.

We INTRODUCE a new concept of Italian gourmet pizza, making sure it is always contemporary.


We tell the story of THE ART OF LEAVENING methods, USING ONLY top quality raw materials, TO promote the ITALIAN territory.